“Customers are already better at doing business with you, than you are at doing business with them!” – Are you ready for something even bigger than the Internet? Who is in charge? is a brand new e-book that has been published as a guide to the 4 key elements that are increasing the customer’s power over your organization.

After the success of Bigger Than the Internet the movie, this second collaboration between Morris Pentel of the Customer Experience Foundation and Tony Porter of PSS Help provides a guide that highlights four significant areas of impact and offers some suggestions and advice on the strategy considerations.

  1. Customer Power – What is customer power and how it impacts your organization?
  2. Disruptive Innovation – Breakthrough innovations are all arriving at the same place at the same time, creating a tidal wave of change with far-reaching consequences for the cost and value of customer contact.
  3. Out There – Customer relationships have extended into the real world, with big data being used to create an augmented reality
  4. The Business Model Puzzle – Providing a single experience to the consumer will require a root-and-branch change for organizations

It also offers advice on the key practical steps you can take towards this change?

This is a radical transformation in the way that organizations interact with consumers. More to the point it’s about a radical change to the way that consumers deal with you. It is altering the economic landscape and having a dramatic impact on business strategy.

Welcome to the age of customer power!

Download your copy of Who is in charge? it makes for scary reading.

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