Mystery ShopperDo you really know what your customers are experiencing when they call into your business? Are your agents transferring too many calls? Are your customers having to repeat the same information? When they hang up, what are they saying about you?

Are You Experiencing:

  • A spike in complaints
  • Agents transferring too many calls
  • Low first call resolution

Are you wondering “What are my customers experiencing?”

PSS Secret Shopper Experience Includes the Following

Data Collection

  • Understand all of the reasons your customers are calling
  • Create test accounts for PSS to dial in an experience various scenarios
  • Collect the customer facing phone numbers to dial


  • PSS team call into your system to experience multiple scenarios
  • Each experience is thoroughly documented, a few examples are:
    • Dial in and accomplish goal in IVR
    • Dial in an attempt IVR and then request agent
    • Required to repeat information to the agent that was already collected by the IVR?
    • How often transferred and why

Voice of the Customer

  • Survey feedback
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • BBB
  • Other various source on the Internet

Comprehensive Report and Recommendations

  • Summarization of PSS experience and what your customers are saying
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Detailed documentation of PSS experince as Secret Shopper
  • Detailed documentation of Voice of the Customer information
  • Secret Shopper Dial into the system as a mock customer
  • Experience what your customers experience is rather than necessarily trying to go down every path in the IVR
  • Experience your agents
  • When Transferred, why?
  • PSS provides a detailed report with a short-list of observations and recommendations

To Learn More About Your Customer’s Experience

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