More than one customer has asked us this recently, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to clarify the capabilities of Voice Biometrics technology for the Contact Center. Voice Biometrics can confirm the identity of a person by comparing their voice to a stored model or “voiceprint” – similar to a fingerprint, and even more individual.

A Real Alternative

Voice Biometrics provides an alternative to passwords, mothers’ maiden names etc, particularly over the phone where other methods of identification are not usually an option.

Different from Speech

Voice Biometrics is completely different from speech recognition, text-to-speech, or other technologies that are used in spoken communication: it does not transmit or receive any information, it cannot take part in a conversation with a caller. It is purely a way to confirm whether the caller is who he or she claims to be. It’s like having your best friend listening in to the conversation, and after a few seconds saying “Yes, that’s Alex” or “No, that’s an impostor”. Except that Voice Biometrics can confirm thousands of identities, and is not confused by good mimics, bad throats, or even twins.

Contact Center Uses

The main business benefits of Voice Biometrics in the Contact Center are for two purposes: process automation, and extra security.

Process automation can be for routine internal tasks, such as resetting passwords, or customer interactions such as account enquiries. In both these cases, current solutions only require a few seconds of a caller’s speech to build a voiceprint, which can then be used to confirm that person’s identity more reliably than any other remote verification method. Password reset is a perfect example: an expensive and unproductive task, this ties up IT resources in most organisations, and is particularly awkward because the very data, which ought to verify the caller, is the data which is missing – their password. With a quick enrolment process to make a voiceprint, the caller’s voice can be their password in this case – they are unlikely to forget that – and this opens the way to automate the whole password reset process.

Added Security Benefits

Extra security comes from the extremely high reliability of Voice Biometrics. The underlying technology is more reliable than fingerprints, and not susceptible to identity theft, phishing, stolen paperwork or hardware such as security passes or digital fobs. For telephone or face-to-face interactions, it is also very comfortable: the customer simply talks in their normal voice, and their identity is quickly confirmed. Voice Biometrics can be used to speed up high-value or high-volume customer contact, as it is much quicker than the commonly used multiple levels of security questions. One very successful use case is for frequent callers or VIP customers in Contact Centers, to save time by allowing the customer to speak immediately to an agent while their voice is verified in the background: the result is instantly displayed on the agent’s desktop, allowing them to take appropriate action if the customer is not correctly verified.

Easy Integration

Voice Biometrics is simple to integrate with modern telephony and Contact Center systems. They are independent of the language spoken, which means the same solution can be deployed worldwide. They offer a rapid ROI in most cases, and can be used in many different ways depending on your business need: as an up-front filter to verify identity before a caller speaks to a human, as a background process running during a human-to-human conversation, or even as an additional level of security check if question-based verification is not conclusive, perhaps with elderly or nervous customers.

How PSS Can Help

There are now many successful deployments of Voice Biometrics around the world, with high customer satisfaction and business benefits in finance, health, transport and other industries.

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