finger wagingUser acceptance testing (UAT) frequently encounters a number of difficulties. Users often “don’t have time” to participate in UAT, and when they do, UAT tends to involve considerable effort that still misses a lot of bugs. In turn, there’s often a lot of finger pointing, which no doubt further contributes to the unpleasant taste often associated with UAT and further diminishes users’ willingness to participate.

Non Core Activity

The major reason why user acceptance testing has problems is because it is generally not a core activity for your business. This leads to UAT teams being pulled together from other functions with little experience of the UAT process. Additionally it puts strain on the BAU activities which are deprived of this resource.

All this leads to UAT being carried out in an inefficient way.

The way to break this vicious cycle is to look at UAT from a different, more productive perspective.

If user acceptance testing is a frequent requirement then one of the ways to address this is to recruit or train your own dedicated team of UAT resources. However if you are like most businesses the need for this activity may only be for a limited period in a year which probably does not justify the time or expense.

Marking Your Own Exam Paper

Alternatively you could consider using your vendor to undertake the testing for you. The disadvantage of this that it undermines the whole purpose of UAT which is to find problems the vendor might not have identified. This is in effect like them “marking their own exam paper” and not providing third part validation necessary for business confidence in the solution.

Releasing poorly testing changes is not a good option for your business as in the best case it could lead to a damaging customer experience or in the worst case loose your route to market.

So the best solution is to find an experience independant third party who can provide the resource you need, when you need it.

The PSS Approach

PSS  has a testing practive developed over many years that has been successfully proven in engagements with world wide customers. Our testing methodology is flexible but essentially focusses on the following aspects:

  • Creating test cases and test plans
  • Requesting test data / accounts
  • PerformingUAT testsanything from live phone calls to web interactions
  • Reporting on test results

PSS also has the ability to carry out automated testing, load  tests and soak tests as well as parallel manual testing.

As an independent expert, PSS is ideally placed to provide highly qualified resources as and when you need them helping to perform user acceptance testing in an efficient way saving you time money and allowing your own resources to focus on their main responsibilities.

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