trading screenTrading Floors are facing an increased burden of compliance. Tighter regulation from the US to the EU has led to Financial Institutions facing the choice of either significantly ramping up their compliance efforts, including new reporting systems and procedures, or exiting the market.

In Our Experience There are 3 Main Trader Voice  Challenges for Organizations

Firstly – With the requirement to record calls consisitently and reliably there is growing regulatory need to implement some form of automation in order to prove that your systems are functioning properly.

Secondly  – There is an increasing number of compliance requests to retrieve custodian calls from your tape and disk archives. This could range from a single custodian to 100’s of custodians over a period of years. These requests can be a major distraction from day to day operations usually involving significant extra cost.

Finally – A high volume of recorded calls are probably still stored on magnetic tape which has a finite life. With the greater regulatory demands there is no slack in time and budget to address this problem and extract these recordings in bulk and transfer them to spinning disk.

PSS has a Trader Voice Solution for Each of These Challenges (Click Images for Details)

Trader Voice Service Assurance

Trader Voice Custodian Retrieval

Trader Voice Bulk Extraction


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