Trader voice Service AssuranceIncreasingly there is pressure from regulators to prove that your call recording systems and processes are managed and maintained to ensure compliance. The requirement has changed from reactive to proactive. This means you need to demonstrate the ability to comply even if there is no current compliance issue.

Increased Cases of Compliance Failure

You probably have taken steps to deploy solutions that meet your compliance obligations. However many trading floors have subsequently found that these solutions can fail to do the job the were intended to do. The biggest problem is how do you tell when this happens. There have been many examples of where calls have not been recorded for days and in some cases weeks before anyone was aware of the problem.

This can create a considerable amount of pain for business and operational teams. Not only does not lead to lost transactions but determining the scale of the problem and taking any remedial steps is a major burden, especially when BAU (Business as Usual) schedules are already very busy. Increased regulatory focus has led to examples of large corporate fines and operational teams seeing reduced compensation on KPIs and in the worst cases losing their position as a result of non delivery on compliance.

PSS Service Assurance Solution That:

  • Automates hourly/daily/weekly manual tasks
  • Actively tests voice recorders and trader voice platforms
  • Alerts and reports on any issues

nTelligence Trader Voice

Provides an end to end monitoring and reporting solution which can tell you exactly when and where your call recording processes are failing. This solution automates existing manual processes and leverages any current point solutions.

Service Assurance Image

The Huge Benefits of nTelligence Trader Voice Service Assurance are:

  • Reduced costs through automation
  • Increased speed and accuracy of alerting
  • A consolidated view of all your systems in a “single pane of glass”
  • Ability to drill down to root causes quickly and easily

How Can PSS Help

PSS can help you automate service assurance and improve day-to-day operations. For more information on the monitoring, active testing, and real-time dashboard capabilities of nTelligence Trader Voice Service Assurance –  Contact

US: 877 289 7770

UK: 0800 012 4054


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