Trader Voice Bulk ExtractionIf you’ve recorded calls for some time you will almost certainly have 1000’s & 1000’s of calls stored on magnetic tape. Ultimately this a problem as the tape will degrade and you will lose the data. This means you’re no longer compliant, leaving the business open to huge regulatory fines. Trader Voice extraction of data is a very expensive manual process.

Data on Tape Won’t Last For Ever! 

Due to the finite life of magnetic tape at some stage you will have to transfer this data to disk. The reason you probably haven’t done this already is because bulk extraction of call recordings hugely expensive and highly prone to error. If you do undertake this process the minute you touch the data you leave yourself open to regulatory questions about tampering with the orignal files. This again could to lead to non compliance and incur the very fines you are trying to avoid.

nTelligence Trader Voice Custodian Retrieval Solution

Now there is a better way, utilising the automation power of the nTelligence solution, PSS can provide the ability to automate the required process of retrieval of call recordings. PSS Custodian Retrieval can quickly search through the tapes, disks and databases to find all of the relevant files, saving a huge amonut of time and minimizing errors.

PSS Trader Voice Bulk Extraction can automate this process by:

  • Extracting all calls and meta data from tape
  • Indexing and reporting on the transfer process
  • Compressing and signing files to give you the confidence to destroy tapes
  • Automates tape drives, GUI and extraction process

Some of the Major Benefits:

  • Significantly reducing the cost by automating the process
  • Dramatically reducing the time required
  • Virtually eliminating the effort needed to rectify manual errors
  • Proven tamper proof process for digitally signing files

No Impact On Your Existing Infrastructure

Because Trader Voice Bulk Extraction accesses the recordings through your existing GUI just as an engineer would, there is no impact to your network, security or other IT systems. Trader Voice is vendor agnostic and works with all major call recording software such as NICE, Verint and RedBox etc so there is no need for complex API or vendor certification.

How PSS Can Help

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