Are your staff entering data into spreadsheets from multiple sources? Are your staff even entering data into spreadsheets from multiple contact center reports? How many of your staff are busy compiling your data rather than trying to make sense of it?

Have you ever stopped to add up the cost?

Manual consolidation can also lead to misrepresentation of the data and management falsley assuming they need to work on certain areas where inreality they should be looking at other areas for improvement.

PSS can holisticaly review your exsiting reporting across multiple systems and provide recommendations for automated consolidation that provides managmeent with actionable information

The PSS Reporting Review Includes the Following 

Collect Reports

  • System-generated
  • Manually created in Excel

Interactive Sessions

  • In depth review with your team to identify your reporting goals
  • Identify key factors that are important to your mangement
  • Provide immediately actionable real time information
  • Identify the sources of data to accomplish the above
  • Identify report distribution requirements


  • Review information colected at Interactive Sessions
  • Create mock-ups of proposed historical and real time reports
  • Identify data sources for each report
  • Create a draft recommendations document 


  • Review recommendation with you
  • Revise recommendations as needed
  • Optionlally provide pricing to implement recommendations

The PSS Service

The PSS process can help you to reduce or eliminate the cost of manually consolidating your data, reducing the chance of manual data  entry errors, and help you to refocus those resources on analysing the information rather than processing it.

Improved reporting allows manangement and supervisors to focus on the areas that directly impact their KPI’s.

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