I really like Netflix here in the US because it gives me the chance to “binge watch” entire seasons of television shows that I might have missed for one reason or another. I recently spent a couple of weekends getting caught up on The Blacklist, an action drama detailing what amounts to a vast, complicated network of interrelated people, places, material, and locations.

Genesys And The Blacklist

It’s incredibly complex, highly intricate, and no one seems to really know the entire story except the story line’s protagonist, one Raymond “Red” Reddington—a highly efficient operator with knowledge and intelligence so vast, memory so long, and resources so unlimited that no problem is too difficult for him to solve.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you won’t be surprised that I immediately began relating this to contact center solutions, and in this case I began thinking about the Genesys platform. Let’s say you’ve got Genesys. You love your Genesys platform. You can point to specific measurable goals that have been met or exceeded since you installed it. But you can’t quite shake the feeling that you (that is, your organization) don’t really know the entire story. You need contact center’s equivalent of Red Reddington. You need PSS.

How Does PSS Come Into This?

PSS is an independent third-party integrator of contact center solutions, and we’ve been doing Genesys longer than anybody in the business. We are a certified Genesys solutions partner and we can help in several key areas.

First, PSS can simplify Genesys Administration. Every second of downtime in a 24/7 environment means failed interactions, lost revenue, and damaged reputation. But to ensure maximum uptime even in the face of disaster, you need an effective recovery plan. We provide this through the deployment of Eemaan, a remarkable and innovative solution for Genesys change management that provides powerful tracking capability, reliable back up and rapid restoration, and resource savings.

Second, PSS offers a fully Genesys compatible, light weight Contact Center Agent Desktop called Coral. This fully customizable HTML5 browser based desktop client permits your contact center to interact seamlessly with most major CRM solutions, social media, third party applications like Google and Skype, and mobile BYOD. This solution is deployed across the globe and is proven to reduce cost of supporting existing Genesys desktop solutions such as GAD and iWS.

Third, PSS can help you in an upgrade situation. Thinking about moving into the Cloud? Is Genesys 8 right for you? Or does it make more sense to invest further in existing Genesys 7 solutions? We have the experience and expertise to help you make the decision, and then we create a strategy for BAU stability while moving, upgrading, or expanding your solution.

FinallyPSS provides Genesys staff augmentation and third-party support for your legacy infrastructure. That means we can provide a third party maintenance and support program for Genesys and Voice Genie that offers a single point of problem resolution across IVR, CTI and PBX infrastructure. This includes, expert support for old or new platforms and applications, regardless of when or by whom they were written.

Genesys does not have to be a giant mystery where the real story is hidden behind layers of subterfuge – Get the Facts Here.



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