Looking through this month’s news roundup from the contact centre industry,  I was struck by a sentence on the importance of contact centre technology to brand value: “It’s all available in the cloud now, which means that small call centers can afford to offer the same quality of service as their bigger competitors.”

Is it true for bigger businesses?

While this is broadly true, with most contact center vendors now providing cloud services and many independent cloud offerings for the smaller contact center, it raises the question of why larger businesses are not moving to the cloud.

Money, Money, Money

Some of the reasons why the cloud is less appealing for larger enterprise-level contact centers are obvious. Economies of scale mean that these businesses are often able to afford their own infrastructure more cheaply, and maintain the in-house skills to manage it. Large companies also tend to have security policies and data storage issues which make it more difficult for them to use cloud services.

Existing Investments

But there is another important reason, which we see increasingly at PSS. The investment in enterprise infrastructure and services makes a full replacement an expensive and hugely complex undertaking. Even just small upgrades and new features can become major projects in a large enterprise. Often enterprise contact centers limp on with out-of-support hardware or software, and outmoded solutions, while smaller businesses are able to take advantage of new channels such as video and social media more quickly.

Smooth Transition 

PSS is used to helping customers in this situation. We can provide support and services to keep existing business-critical systems operating smoothly, while the enterprise develops and executes a migration or upgrade. We can advise on strategies for faster adoption of new technology, such as vendor-independent interfaces which span both new and old technology, or quick-win channels like Visual IVR. Our broad experience and independence allow us to suggest solutions which you won’t get from a single vendor or a cloud hosting company.

 Independent Advice

To find out more about the cloud and what it means to your business download the white paper Why You Should Look at the Cloud from Both Sides Now here

If your customer service ambitions are being held back by the need to maintain or leverage existing technology, or you simply want independent help to consider your options, we’ll be happy to talk to you.

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