Book-turned-movie, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, came up with the answer to life, the universe and everything. It was the number 42. But if you’ve attended any Contact Centre technology events recently, you’d have encountered a different solution to all the big questions: The universal answer seems to be … the Cloud.

You Can Walk Away From Trade Shows Feeling Charmed Yet Slightly Dizzy

The Cloud solves your problems’ type messaging has a magical ring about it. The pay-as-you-go model and the 12-months-for-free offers are very tempting. But you emerge blinking into the sunlight, feeling woozy … as if you’ve disembarked from a high-speed fairground carousel, having eaten too much cotton candy.

If that’s been your experience, then PSS Help’s latest free e-guide is for you. It aims to separate fact from fiction in a refreshingly impartial way and establishes some really helpful ground rules for moving into the cloud. It isn’t afraid to ask awkward questions – and answer them truthfully.

Put simply: Yes, the cloud can sometimes deliver great results. No, it’s not always the best option. But when you’re truly ready, there are ways to make it work really well for you. That’s the PSS rationale behind the e-guide, entitled ‘Contact Centers & the Cloud: What you need to know on your Cloud Journey’.

Why Our e-Guide is Right For You…

The e-guide isn’t just for companies thinking of the cloud for the first time. It acknowledges that many contact center operators have switched some services already, while others have moved their entire operations across – and are having unforeseen problems. PSS explores the big challenges and presents practical solutions for every scenario.

Perfectly Placed

PSS is perfectly placed to offer impartial advice on the Cloud. As an integrator and support provider, PSS has been working with the cloud for more than 13 years – long before the likes of Amazon, Google and Rackspace. We’re vendor neutral and are not pro-cloud or anti-cloud. We’re pro-business.





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