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What Does Your Call Abandon Rate Really Mean?

The definition of Call Abandon Rate is simple; It's the percentage of calls which come into the contact centre but are abandoned by the caller before reaching an agent.  If X is the number of calls handled by agents, and Y is the number of calls coming in, then your call abandonment rate is (1-(X/Y))*100. Understanding the [...]

June 15th, 2015|Customer Experience, Visual IVR|

Customer Power: How to Turn Threat Into Opportunity

There’s an arms race going on in consumer technology right now. Devices and features are evolving so fast, it’s almost impossible to keep up. But more importantly, at least for business - and especially for contact centers -there’s a change in the way consumers are using technology. They’re not pointing it at their friends any [...]

April 1st, 2015|Customer Power|

Visual IVR: Press 1 to Really Annoy Your Customers Before You Even Speak to Them

According to a study by New York University, only 15% of customers feel that they, as customers, receive any benefit whatsoever from IVR systems. That’s a whopping 85% who (presumably) feel it either has no effect or – more likely – a negative effect on their customer experience. Customers struggle to see benefits of IVR [...]

March 30th, 2015|Visual IVR|

Visual IVR Improves Contact Center Customer Experience

Visual  IVR is a giant step forward in enhancing traditional voice-powered IVR calls. In fact, the term “Visual IVR” is because you can now see and interact with the IVR call flow from your smart phone, that runs on iPhone and Android-powered devices. In addition to automated Visual IVR calls, customer service and support agents can interact [...]

May 25th, 2012|IVR|