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How Contact Centers Prevent Agents Giving Good Service

Imagine you’re a call center manager. You've got great agent retention, your people are skilled and motivated, and you're meeting your targets. You’re one of the lucky ones. But under the surface, your teams are stressed to the eyeballs. What’s going wrong? We visited a contact center with exactly this issue recently. Average Retention  Average agent [...]

July 24th, 2015|Agent Desktop|

Visual IVR – Because Talk Isn’t Cheap

Customers are still calling. Despite the investment in self service portals, speaking avatars and social media, your customers are still calling you. In fact, industry statistics show only around 20% resolve their issue on their own without calling your contact center. Customers Love Mobile Capabilities The Internet and mobile devices have had a huge impact [...]

July 8th, 2015|Customer Experience, IVR, Self Service|

Contact Center Support: Don’t Get Caught in the Rain

Whilst on a camping holiday to celebrate the Independence Day Weekend, I was reminded of the importance of preventative maintenance as it relates to contact center support. Not because I spent the weekend pondering new ways to deliver exceptional contact center support (which, by the way, I did). Weathering the Storm It was because during [...]

July 7th, 2015|Customer Experience, Support and Maintainance|

Are You Sending Your Agents into a Gunfight Armed with a Penknife?

In today’s competitive field, providing best possible customer experience has to be a priority. Rising expectations put a lot of pressure on Contact Center agents; customers are used to having instant information on their phone,  seamlessly moving between text, email, social media,  the net, oh and yes phone calls! How can the agents keep up? Business is losing the [...]

March 16th, 2015|Customer Experience|

Customer Power: Who’s holding all the power in your relationship?

Is Customer Power Leaving You Brokenhearted?  With February being the month of Valentine's Day, here's a fanciful scenario to ponder. Supposing your long-term 'significant other' becomes much richer and more powerful than you – when the opposite used to be true? Suddenly, they've got a far better car, an impressive new apartment and wads of [...]

February 12th, 2015|Customer Power|

Customer Satisfaction: The 12 Trends That You Should Be Paying Attention To

We're in the Age Of The Customer, which means senior management are not in control of how customer-centric their businesses are, but customers are. To keep customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand, Forrester have identified the top 12 trends for customer satisfaction and loyalty that you should be paying attention to in 2014. DELIVER [...]

February 13th, 2014|Customer Experience|

Customer Complaints Every Second in 2013

There were 38 million customer complaints about products and services in 2013 meaning there was a complaint every 1.2 seconds, made by dissatisfied customers about products or services. According to Ombudsman Services, which helps resolve disputes between consumers and providers, the energy, broadband, mobile companies and property sectors had the highest number. Who complains, and [...]

February 12th, 2014|Customer Experience|

How Important is First Call Resolution to Your Call Center?

There are many ways to measure customer service within your call center; customer satisfaction, net promoter score and word of mouth index are all metrics that have been used as evidence of the customers voice, and therefore the success rate of the call center. But one metric that can give the clearest measurement in the [...]

February 12th, 2014|Contact Center|

Call Flow Documentation Impacts Customer Experience

With customer expectations growing almost daily, making changes to your call flows to improve the customer experience will be a much more frequent occurance. It's no longer acceptable to set up call routing or IVR menus and leave them unchanged for years as you may have in the past. However : you may find that [...]

December 4th, 2013|IVR, Self Service|

Customer Self Service Can Still Reduce Costs

Customer self service has been shown to reduce costs in contact centres by as much as 20% with self-service capabilities that include customers researching and buying through self-directed channels. Buying via these routes has been shown to increase the revenue per user by as much as 18%, when the provider offers effective self-service interaction for [...]

August 28th, 2013|Self Service|