Pulling togetherWe provide flexible and skilled resources to System Integrators and Manufacturers to support implementation programs.

We have a wide range of experts in disciplines that SI’s need on a project-by-project basis but would not need as part of their full time headcount.


We provide real partnerships by adding value and reducing costs. Globally we work with some of the world’s largest SI houses and technology manufacturers on flagship customer projects. We provide support services enabling SI’s to focus on core competencies. This allows SI’s to focus on customer acquisition rather than customer retention by providing reliable support and issue escalation that is considered to be the Gold Standard for the industry.


We also take over and manage support for legacy systems for major manufacturers. We are able to deliver lower cost support with a higher value as part of our core competence. Other services for SI’s and manufacturers include the delivery of transition programs and the development of innovation solutions covering all aspects of the contact center world from IVR and analytics through to desktop rationalization.

We provide technical, sales and marketing support when responding to RFI and RFP’s. The inclusion of a PSS help element has been shown to be one of the deciding factors in a bidding process because of our reputation and the fact that no customer who has come to us for support has ever gone back to their original provider.

Who We Work With

Partners and clients currently include Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, Siemens, CenturyLink, Echopass, AT&T, Verizon and Vodafone. Other Clients


A significant proportion of our revenue comes from providing these services and if you’d like to talk to somebody who is focused on supporting you rather than trying to steal your clients then contact us.