Making the most of your investment 

Speech recognition platforms are expensive and time consuming to get right. So it is vital to ensure that the applications are really delivering the expected business benefits. This technology is already proving to be popular with consumers and therefore almost writing its own business case for large organizations.

 Speech Recognition: Staying “In Tune”

It is the process of tuning the app regularly that makes a significant difference to the customer experience and the cost. However fine-tuning your speech recognition application comes with certain challenges. Making changes quickly and cost effectively to your Speech Recognition platforms is not easy when your manufacturer is short of resource and trying to keep the whole market place happy. Working with speech recognition experts who have the time to listen to your problems, access to state of the art tools and who are measured by how satisfied customers are (rather than jobs completed and licenses sold) can make a huge difference to your operations.

A Different Approach

At our speech recognition lab in Chicago our experts are measured by customer satisfaction rather than number of jobs finished. They have access to some of the most sophisticated tools available that allow them to understand the impact of their work on their entire customer journey as well as the ability to focus on each individual component of a speech recognition application.

Keith Ward CTO at PSS said “I guess the difference is that at PSS our revenue comes from satisfied customers rather than licenses and this is reflected across our culture. We have a 99% customer satisfaction rate which I was recently told by one of the industries top researchers is the best in the market place. As a third party supplier we are absolutely reliant on this customer satisfaction, which gives us a different viewpoint from manufacturers, who at times tend to think they own the market place”.

The PSS Difference

We approach each job for every customer with two things in mind:

1.    Being easy to deal with:

  • Good Communication  – Making fine tuning easier
  • Delivering – On deadlines
  • Understanding the role  – Of other technologies within the customer experience. Because PSS is one of the worlds largest independent support organisations we are able to ensure that all of the components work together rather than just a narrow focus on our own product
  • Turnaround and delivery  – As a third party provider it is vital to our business that we are able to turnaround and deliver everything from quick responses to requests for quotes to finishing the project on time and in budget (which is often significantly cheaper than manufacturers pricing)
  • Being Trusted – One of our most vital business drivers is the trust that customers place in us. Everybody from the CEO to the newest trainee understands that trust is our most valuable asset
  • Personal Service  – We treat every customer as though they are the only customer rather than taking every customer through a standardised process. Each customer configuration is treated as unique reducing the time it takes to lodge queries to get support

2.    Being Cost Effective

Many IT professional feel that a lot of technology companies use their status as the manufacturer to ransom support and changes at a premium. As PSS work across many technologies from many manufacturers we are always looking to provide a more cost effective alternative. In addition to this it is not part of our corporate culture to sell software upgrades and patches as a solution to every problem. We look to go the extra mile and try and sove the problem in a way that is best for the customer.

We offer a range of services

  • Auditing and Tuning – Planned and ad hoc rapid turnaround audits and tuning at a lower cost than the manufacturer
  • Voice App Connection Issue Management – One of the challenges to making changes to any speech application is the potential knock on effect to other applications and platforms, the domino effect.
  • Root Cause Analysis – As one of the worlds largest independent support organizations we are able to bring the skills and resources needed to identify and manage any impacts of tuning your voice app – when it comes to evaluating your speech applications there are a rich variety of metrics available, however most organisations don’t have the tools as the cost of investment is not justified for occassional use. PSS has the tools and resources to cost effectively fill this gap.

About PSS

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