Speech applicationsSpeech analytics has  become well used in the contact center and is highly likely to become increasingly more popular, due to Big Data and other trends.Many contact centers are using increasingly sophisticated speech analytics applications where software is used to record and analyze every phone call, email, Web form, survey and social media contact.

As the market for speech continues to increase, speech applications are becoming more mainstream. Although there are definite benefits to increased depth of speech applications, with the likes of improved customer satisfaction and lower operating costs, these applications are more complex than traditional touch-tone applications and therefore require some additional nurturing. One such aspect is the tuning process and the analysis of caller and system data in an effort to achieve maximum performance and to ensure user satisfaction.

Without the regular practice of tuning, most speech applications are highly likely to suffer from problems, leading to unhappy users. Tuning resolves that by allowing administrators the ability to correct mistakes in their application. Tuning is one of the most vital keys to the success of speech applications; however, it is also one of the most neglected aspects.

PSS Help has developed a process that researches trends in key areas such as misrecognition and poor design which can both lead to customer frustration. The process

  • Reviews log files
  • Transcribes ytterances
  • Reviews what the person said
  • Compares to what system heard
  • Assigns flags to each utterance
  • Creates recommendations
  • Adjust Grammars
  • Add New Grammars
  • Alter Application Flow

PSS also recommend an ongoing tuning interval of every 6 or 12 months to optimise performance.

We provide a less expensive option than many other providers.  IVR and Speech Applications are what we do best