October 14, 2015

FlexxGate Media Gateway

FlexxGate™ is a Media Gateway that eases the transition from traditional analog or TDM networks to VoIP networks. FlexxGate allows the legacy and VoIP networks to coexist so companies can keep legacy equipment (e.g. PBX or IVR with circuit-switched telephony interfaces) in service longer by maintaining compatibility with new equipment.  Being able to transition their own pace helps companies lower the cost, complexity, and risk of the transition.

FlexxGate supports conversions between a wide variety of telephony interfaces and is most commonly used to connect a VoIP/SIP device (such as a Genesys or Holly IVR system) to a circuit switched device (such as a T1 line from the telco or a PBX.) Since most next-generation IVR systems support only SIP, they need a media gateway to connect them to a traditional phone line.

Flexible, Flexible, Flexible
No two deployments are exactly the same. That’s why FlexxGate is not the typical, standard, off-the-shelf product. Instead, FlexxGate is delivered systems pre-installed and configured to meet unique deployment requirements.

FlexxGate shines when gateway requirements change. Its flexible, extensible architecture allows for the support to be quickly added for additional protocols (standard or proprietary) and features needed. Custom extensions can be added at any time. Additionally, FlexxGate systems can be deployed in multiple-server configurations to support higher capacities and high availability requirements.

Web-based Management Console
FlexxGate has a web-based GUI management console that allows companies to –through a single interface–monitor, configure, and get detailed reporting across multiple FlexxGate servers – even when deployed in multiple locations. Instead of having to know some arcane proprietary command line interface, simply point-and-click to configure FlexxGate systems and get the detailed reports needed.

Proven and Supported
FlexxGate Media Gateway systems are taking millions of calls per month for customers like American Express, US Airways, and Quantas Airways.