August 29, 2015


FlexxGate™ is a Media Gateway that eases the transition from traditional analog or TDM networks to VoIP networks. FlexxGate allows the legacy and VoIP networks to coexist so companies can keep legacy equipment (e.g. PBX or IVR with circuit-switched telephony interfaces) in service longer by maintaining compatibility with new equipment.  Being able to transition their own pace helps companies lower the cost, complexity, and risk of the transition. More

Proven and Supported

FlexxGate systems are taking millions of calls per month for customers like American Express, US Airways, and Quantas Airways.

IVR and CTI applications often require sophisticated integration to back-end data sources. FlexxBridge™ Integration Server software is designed to help simplify this integration effort by providing a consistent SOA-friendly integration point that can be used by multiple IVR, CTI and even web applications. A SaaS version, FlexxBridge in the Cloud™ exists for a cloud-based development environment. Read more about it here.

Keep Customers from Seeing Red

FlexxViewTM  is a monitoring & alerting product that allows proactive real time monitoring of systems under contract with PSS.

Contact center solutions with voice recognition are complex as they are made up of multiple applications and connections which all rely on each other to work.

Downtime means customers are not able to get to talk to an agent which drives them to see red. To find out more about FlexxView click here