September 16, 2014


PSS Genesys ConsultantGenesys support for the world’s number one contact center software, and perennial market share leader in both IVR/Voice Portal and CTI solutions. PSS has development resources for the full suite of Genesys products. Whether you are a full Genesys shop with the entire suite or you have key components.

PSS can be your development partner. Get our Genesys Capabilities Guide here.

PSS interfaces these Genesys products with third party products such as;

  • Legacy IVR solutions
  • VoIP Network with Audio Code or Acme Packet SBC’s & Verizon BEST
  • 3rd Party desktops such as Salesforce & Oracle etc

PSS is an independent company who has good working relationships with all suppliers. 10 years experience has created a get it done attitude and we often prove to be far most cost effective and with our agile development quicker than other providers.

We provide complete Genesys support solutions based on Genesys Voice Portal as well as Genesys Framework/CIM. PSS can also optimize existing Genesys CTI and Genesys IVR deployments to improve performance or better align them with the way you do business. Our Genesys support is based on years of experience.

Genesys support for Genesys CTI and Genesys IVR

Improving Multi Site Contact Center IVR Customer Service Video