October 13, 2015


PSS Genesys ConsultantGenesys development and support resources for the full suite of Genesys products, whether you are a full Genesys shop with the entire suite or have key components, we can be your development partner. We often prove to be far most cost effective & with agile development, quicker than other providers.

Complete Genesys Solutions

PSS is a Genesys partner that provides complete Genesys solutions based on Genesys Voice Portal as well as Genesys Framework/CIM. PSS can also optimize existing Genesys CTI and Genesys IVR deployments to improve performance or better align them with the way you do business. See our Genesys capabilities overview here.

We’ve consistently solved customer issues utilizing the Genesys product suite. We’ve deployed the full range of Genesys products across many contact centres large and small. We’re experts at solving customer problems, reducing costs & creating great caller satisfaction.

Keeping Genesys products working at their best can presentmajor challenges because such an advanced solution is inevitably complex to manage, upgrade and fine-tune.

In our latest fact-sheet, we pinpoint where substantial gains are possible:

  • Dramatically simplifying Genesys administration;
  • Equipping agents with an advanced and cost-effective desktop
  • Understanding the Genesys 8 or Cloud upgrade path
  • How to access Genesys resources when and where you want them
  • Why it’s not necessary to upgrade systems just due to their age.





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