August 29, 2015

Contact Center Agent Desktop – Coral Active

IVR SolutionsThe hub of customer engagement is the contact center agent desktop. The relationship between the Customer and your agent is the core of their customer experience. Giving the right tools to your agent can save money and improve customer experience.

Solutions that support swift upgrades, include new tools and features, such as social media response capabilities and centralized knowledge management are needed.

Legacy Desktops are often difficult to adapt and normally will need to be supported by lots of other applications open on the agents desktop.

Your desktop will have to evolve to meet today’s changing demands. Agents require desktop solutions that are built to handle these multi-channel customer interactions. Contact centers need to have customizable, agile agent desktop solutions that can evolve with changing business requirements.

PSS have developed Coral Active the Agent Desktop based on HTML5  

Contact Center Agent Desktop CoralActive




 Here is a breakdown of the most common benefits

Coral Benefits

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Coral  HMTL5 Contact Center Agent Desktop