Genesys CTIPSS has development resources for Genesys CTI and the full suite of Genesys products. Whether you are a full Genesys shop with the entire suite or have key components, PSS can be your development partner. Having PSS do this development instead of internal resources has considerable benefits. 

PSS performs Genesys CTI professional services on a custom project basis.

Projects can range from system configuration and routing tune-ups to implementation of complete CTI solutions, we have considerable expertise with Genesys CTI

Our Genesys CTI capabilities include:

Genesys Call Routing & iCFD (Intelligent Customer Front Door)

  • Simple queue-based and agent group call routing
  • Advanced Service level routing including skills-based routing, DNIS routing,  percentage routing, and work force routing
  • Multi-site routing including load distribution and follow-the-sun routing
  • Enterprise-based (customer premise) or  Network-based routing solutions (telco or service provider)

Genesys Multichannel Routing & Open Media

  • Routing solutions involving multiple media types (e.g. phone + chat + email)
  • Custom media types (e.g. cases/tickets, web forms)
  • PSS performs CTI professional services on a custom project basis.   Projects can range Integrate agent desktop software to Genesys Desktop Application SDKs including Agent Interaction, Open Media, Statistics, Configuration, and Outbound Contact.
  • Custom agent desktop/softphone development in Java and .Net

Genesys Reporting

  • Real-time and historical reporting (CCPulse, CallCon, CCA, Infomart)
  • Custom reporting

Having PSS do this development instead of internal resources has considerable benefits:

  • Focus – It is always better to concentrate your resources on your core business.  For most of our customers, that’s NOT CTI development.
  • Lower Cost – PSS can offer fixed price development, eliminating the risk of internal development budget overruns.
  • Lower Risk – We also reduce delivery risk  because of our considerable experience we’re less likely to encounter problems we haven’t solved before.