Convergys SupportA number of organizations now face a challenge as to the best strategy in relation to their legacy Convergys platforms. Making the most of the existing technology and sorting out long term support are two of the most common problems – but by no means the only ones.

PSS Capabilities for Convergys Support

PSS Help can offer a grown up conversation around the real world options and their financial impacts. We can optimize existing deployments to improve performance or better align them with the way you do business. We provide Convergys Support and Intervoice support for legacy IVR, CTI, and PBX systems, even if they are beyond the manufacturer’s end of life. You don’t have to rip out entire systems because they have been superseded or seem too complex or too big to manage.

Optimizing Solutions and Extending End of Life

PSS can offer Convergys support to help you look at extending the life of existing equipment, or make sure new solutions hum along at peak performance after they’re deployed. We have the experience to help companies transform these applications into optimized, cost-effective next gen solutions.

Muddy Waters

With some manufacturers the decision making picture is also complicated by their new models and designs being built as Cloud only solutions, where your existing premises equipment becomes just so much junk tin. This means that an “upgrade” actually involves changing your strategy to a Cloud based solution that also requires a potentially expensive rewrite of every application. Not only does this reduce the value of your previous investment in applications, but means you are in effect paying twice. It also creates a new series of risks.


  • Support
    • On average we cost 30% to 50% less than existing maintenance contracts
    • There is NO upcharge for service levels, every PSS customer is Premier
    • Eliminates charges for “shelf-ware”, “vaporware” application fees, virtual office, level management… we just charge for what needs suppporting – giving you lower pricing
  • Applications
    • We help to maximize the value of your existing investment in applications
    • We can also produce new applications at a lower cost

PSS Service Levels

  • There is only one level of PSS support  – Superior and Inclusive Premier Level Support
  • Premier level plus+++  Support at less than the vendors basic support price
  • No End of Life issues, we extend the life of your systems
  • It even covers application and message changes and breadth of Infrastructure

PSS Help Conversation

The first step is to have an informal chat to for us to understand your areas of concern around convergys support: EOL, Tickets, Technicians, Break Fix, Migration, Patches, Upgrades or Applications.

To contact us for Convergys support

Call US: 877 289 7770

Call UK: 0800 012 4054


and if you are still not convinced about talking to us, why not look at what some of customers say about us click here

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