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Acme Packet Session Border Controllers (SBCs) provide critical control functions to deliver high quality interactive communications – voice, video and multimedia sessions – across IP network borders. Because the SBC ties into so many other devices its vital to have a deep and wide knowledge of the process.

Getting the Installation Right First Time

While SIP and associated architectures are an accepted standard in the telephony world few organizations have dedicated personnel with the skills and experience necessary to install and configure a SIP solution.

The Acme Packet Session Border Controller (SBC) is widely acknowledged as the best in class and provides a flexible and configurable solution for SIP telephony. To make optimal use of its capabilities requires installation and configuration by an experienced engineer. Without this attention to detail teething problems can seriously affect the perfomance of the entire SIP solution, ranging from persistent misrouting of calls right through to not having any telephone service at all. We have often been called in to resolve problems that have been running for several months with serious knock on effects to day to day trading.

Support That Relieves the Frustration of:

  • Being pushed into going to the “next version
  • Being surprised by spiralling maintenance & support costs
  • Not getting the level of service/interest you once did
  • Having to consider a complete “fork lift” replacement the business cannot afford
  • Being told by the vendor, “Upgrading is the only option”, when there is a real alternative from PSS

Independant Support From an Expert

Some of the world’s largest organisations trust PSS to support their Avaya equipment, and work with them on their technology roadmap.We provide an Avaya Support solution that provides good long-term value that is clearly defined and easily understood. Find out more in the Avaya Support guide downloadIn 10 years of providing this service no one that has switched to PSS for support has ever gone back to their original provider.

What Client’s Say

PSS has been a great IVR solution provider and partner on this project. Thank you for your help in getting the IVR Solaris upgrade completed on time and per the schedule.
Top Ten Software Provider
I am VERY happy thus far with the individuals and PSS. We were able to do our part in getting all the equipment/workspace and items prepared. PSS were able to immediately have excellent conversations with my staff and were very well prepared!
Project Manager, Large Banking Corporation
“I wish all our vendors had the level of support that PSS provides”
IT Manager, Casino in the Northeast
In 7 years of working with PSS, as an IVR solution provider, the only complaint our whole team could come up with was so minor that we have no hesitation with upgrading our platform – including IVR, speech and applications with PSS so that we can continue to be a key partner
A large bank in the midwest
Thank You for your assistance over the last few weeks. We had some potentially nasty problems building up and flying Bryant out to assist us, as well as good quality phone support, helped us get through it. We are now running in a good state. The migration of FTC IVR off MSC6 was another piece of work where PSS assistance was appreciated at short notice.
A major international telecommunications company

Client’s Stay

Customer Retention

No one has ever gone back to their original provider

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