Packages AppsWith customer service expectations growing the demand on mature IVR applications has become greater. Upgrading these applications offers significant benefits and can be critical for business success. However the costs associated with adopting these packages can be staggering. Project planning and implementation are time-consuming and costly and require a variety of skills and expertise that many companies don’t have. There are also high costs associated with the on-going management and maintenance of these applications

The concept of Packaged Self-Service Applications is not completely new and has been around for a while. However, when legacy hosts systems dominated the IT world it was really difficult to create a completely packaged application when a significant proportion of the costs for developing the application would be accounted for by legacy host interfaces and APIs, which changed from every customer. Open standards has moved this forward significantly and with most host interfaces either linking in to the “Web-services” or using standard Java or XML interfaces life is a lot easier, which facilitates the full benefits of Packaged applications,

PSS have developed a series of Packaged applications which take this a stage further. The applications have  end to end functionality and are ready to go, with only a small amount of additional tuning and customization to tailor to the exact customers’ requirements.

The benefits of our packaged applications are:

  • Significant reductions in the cost of development
  • Reduced risk
  • Expediting the time in getting the applications deployed
  • Further time savings as only rudimentary application discovery is required, the applications are like Products and have specified functionality that works in a specific and defined way
  • Savings in the analysis of requirement – functionality is broadly fixed and integration is a lot simpler as these applications use industry standard interfaces, and particular XML interfaces to web services and the internet, or Java components
  • The development phase is largely eliminated or significantly reduced and the testing required is a lot less because the developer only needs to test the specified functionality which has been replicated and not the complete end to end functionality as detailed in the functional specification.
  • Increased confidence in the performance of the application as it has been through the testing process before there is only the necessity to test the components that are tailored representing 25% or less of the original application
  • Hosted Service providers can readily provide template applications for their customers with either a “one size fits all” deployment or with the opportunity to offer tailored extensions to meet specific end-user customer requirements

Overall these packaged applications are simpler to understand, simpler and faster to deploy and cost only a fraction of the cost of deploying bespoke applications with less risk of issues.

We provide the skills, expertise, processes, tools and methodologies needed to manage your package application implementation. The offerings provide flexible and effective ongoing support that is crucial for you to realize a return on investment in the application.

We will work with you to build a stable application environment and implement processes with defined service levels — enabling you to better predict and reduce the costs associated with your packaged applications.

Whether you are implementing a new packaged application or upgrading existing applications, it is essential to do it quickly to rapidly realize the business benefits. Using proven delivery methods, our professionals will work with you to develop predictable schedules. This helps reduce the time to delivery for new implementations and upgrades, better enabling you to meet the challenges of managing end-user satisfaction, ongoing information technology and infrastructure management goals, and requests for functional enhancements.