ivr application development to voicexml ivrLegacy IVR vendors are no longer supporting older platforms forcing upgrades to the standards  based VoiceXML IVR platforms. This requires  rewriting the IVR applications and  the “Rip AND Replace” of  the platform.

IVR application development is many times greater than the platform cost. After the upgrade, the caller experience is the same with no improvement in self- serve functionality the business provides to callers.

The application rewrite is expensive because legacy applications are old so the documentation is almost never accurate. The result is that the application must be reverse engineered – a process that is:

  • Unpredictable in duration
  • Prone to many errors/omissions often not discovered until UAT
  • The need for multiple UAT cycles
  • Requires experts

The PSS inTelligent™ Integration Process enables new and older technologies to integrate and work along side each other during transitions with significant benefits:

Time Saving: FAST IVR application development and deployment of voicexml ivr components state by state rather than waiting for a total rewrite.
Cost Reduction: No “Rip & Replace” of dated systems. We gradually transition elements and components of the IVR application addressing key priorities.
Reducing Risk: The deRisk™ process supports business as usual. Avoid risks associated with a “Big Bang” cutover transition. Tags and integration points between platforms and applications enable a “work along side” structure of old and new during transition.
ROI Realisation is much sooner due to agile approach where newer technologies can be used earlier rather than waiting until the whole conversion process is complete and launching in a waterfall style

The IVR application development and transition process to voicexml ivr  is de risked providing cost effective and flexible ways to fund the investment forward conversion path with the use of our tools.

How PSS Can Help You

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