Contact Center Solutions for Genesys Contact CenterCustomers are increasing their use of multiple channels such as email, web and chat, often in tandem, for business dealings, growing the number of interactions and driving the traditional contact center to become a customer experience media center.

Contact Center solutions use disparate technologies to deliver these various communication channels that customers want to use today.

These are so different and have been installed at different times that it is a real struggle to have experience in all of them. It’s hard enough to get them installed and actually working – But to get them to work together and optimised as they were designed to work is even harder.

Self Service If you look at the technologies they are not really complementary. IVR applications are designed to automate calls and reduce the agent work and WFO is designed to allocate work to agents.

Equally inbound and outbound calls work differently. One is designed to maximise the speed of response and the other is designed to make the highest amounts of calls to any one they can find to talk to.

Now with the advent of new channels there is voice, email, chat and web etc and these technologies are being managed in the contact center in silos. Calls out are being managed differently to email management which is owned by someone else to Chat and the most common voice in by the contact center manager

We at PSS are a system integrator for Contact Center solutions that totally understands these difficulties. Our detailed knowledge of the individual component parts along with our analytical and consultancy skills means that we can optimize your system. We will help you get the very performance from it in the way that it was designed and deliver the ROI you invested in.

How PSS Can Help You

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