Contact Center Managed Services

Many enterprises today are looking for ways to ensure their customer interaction solutions are highly used and at the same time always available. Providing outsourcing of the operational support and solution optimization PSS is a company who has skills which will translate to reduced overall costs.

PSS contact center managed services provides the benefits of hosting while keeping the customer interaction solutions within the enterprise. Our managed services give enterprises the ability to outsource the proactive and reactive operational support , as well as the continual optimization of their customer interaction solutions without going through the challenge of moving everything to a hosted environment.

This provides the benefits of hosting without all of the disruption, as well as a more intimate relationship with a company more familiar with the enterprise’s unique business systems and processes.

PSS Objectives for Contact Center Managed Services:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Realize cost efficiencies
  • Increase the quality of delivery
  • Maintain system uptime targets
  • Drive measurable productivity increases
  • Manage production system health through continuous monitoring and improvements
  • Build subject matter expertise with skilled resources for the execution of scope activities
  • Drive better outcomes through monitoring and measuring performance and the enforcement of SLAs

PSS provides a dedicated management and development team working to achieve one goal: to maximize your IVR system performance.

  • Ability to analyze and understand reportage
  • Specific expertise in IVR sector
  • Reduction in staff costs
  • Frees your organisation from routine tasks leaving you to focus on your core business
  • Increased efficiency, with time-consuming tasks being taking out of your to do list
  • Flexibility provided by tailored services for your exact requirements

How Can PSS Help your Business

We provide the best Contact Center Managed Services and support offer with ProPSS in the industry and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of, no matter what the problem.

With a glowing reputation for extending the life of existing equipment, we have the experience to help transform applications into optimized, cost-effective next gen solutions.

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For a chat on how a Managed Service could be of use to your business contact:

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