Case Studies

Decommissioning Legacy Equipment

A large UK agency replacing its old contact centre infrastructure with new technology from a different provider.

Extending End-of-Life

A telecom provider with second generation IVR systems in central offices providing a customer messaging service was looking to extend the life of the product.

Reduced Customisation

A growing Telco had enhanced network services that had to be customized each and every time, even when the functionality was nearly the same.

Replacing IVR

A  large wireless carrier with a combined staff of 3000 agents in both 6 locations and 3 outsourced sites, needed to replace their aged IVR equipment before it became end of life.

Improving User Experience

A large state agency needed to improve their member’s user experience. Their technology was not easily updatable and they had a limited budget

Nortel MPS Support

A major US bank contracted the support of their legacy Nortel MPS IVR systems during the period in which the bank migrates and transitions to a new Genesys platform

Legacy Support

New credit card company resolves legacy support issues.

Customer Success Story

Government Department with issues around a legacy MPS system upgrade forced to look to PSS for completion of the upgrade & ongoing support of the platform.

Customer Experience

A bank holding company with multiple brands with a number of  decentralized call centers, was looking to provide a uniform customer experience.

Reduced Support Costs

A cable, TV & Internet service provider, looked to replace its legacy MPS with the least costly option and to find solutions for H.323 to SIP & PCI compliance challenges.