Decommissioning Legacy Equipment

A large UK agency replacing its old contact centre infrastructure with new technology from a different provider.

Extending End-of-Life

A telecom provider with second generation IVR systems in central offices providing a customer messaging service was looking to extend the life of the product.

Reduced Customisation

A growing Telco had enhanced network services that had to be customized each and every time, even when the functionality was nearly the same.

Replacing IVR

A  large wireless carrier with a combined staff of 3000 agents in both 6 locations and 3 outsourced sites, needed to replace their aged IVR equipment before it became end of life.

Improving User Experience

A large state agency needed to improve their member’s user experience. Their technology was not easily updatable and they had a limited budget

Nortel MPS Support

A major US bank contracted the support of their legacy Nortel MPS IVR systems during the period in which the bank migrates and transitions to a new Genesys platform

Legacy Support

New credit card company resolves legacy support issues.

FlexxGate Media

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SIP Services

Enable the delivery of trusted, first-class contact center IP telephony with SIP.  Save money and improve your customer service

Contact Center Apps

How to Develop Your Contact Center Applications Much Quicker, Cheaper and With Less Risk!