Contact Center Testing, call center testingContact Center Testing allows you to check that your integrated technologies are working as expected under varying levels of load. Performance issues are detected before customers use your new or recently upgraded technologies, and re-testing gives you confidence that issues are really resolved. Early detection and resolution of problems means that negative customer impact is decreased, if not eliminated altogether and costs are reduced.

Contact Center Testing 

Our contact center testing methods offer a significant opportunity to control costs and improve customer satisfaction. If solutions are not implemented and maintained properly, eventually customers will be negatively impacted. With PSS Stress Test performance and load testing, you can validate the performance of your end-to-end contact center and communication solutions to assure the best possible experience for your customers and the best possible efficiencies and savings for your company.

PSS StressTest

Our performance and load testing services go beyond component level testing to ensure the solution performs as expected in the production environment. Contact Center Testing is carried out  from the customer perspective, so you know what your clients experience when they interact with you and you decide when and how to optimize performance. Instead of receiving anecdotal complaints from irritated customesr, PSS StressTest services give you robust, actionable data and the chance to observe, tune and verify performance before you implement a new system, upgrade an existing system or apply a patch/fix.

How Does It Work

PSS StressTest can deliver 12 to 10,000+ simultaneous test calls over the PSTN to exercise your solutions just like real customers. The technology and methodologies are used to verify step responses, measure response times and capture other actionable data from each PSS StressTest call so you know how your solution performs under various levels of load.

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PSS StressTest results give you confidence in your solutions’ performance and help answer questions such as:

  • Are expected greetings and announcements heard?
  • Did the caller have access to account or other appropriate personal information?
  • Are any error messages heard with single calls or under a specific load?
  • Are call routing functions working as expected under load conditions?
  • Are CTI and screen pop functions working as expected under load conditions?
  • Are the response times acceptable at each step in calling process


PSS’s techniques for contact center testing and unified communication solutions produce unmatched accuracy—and provide you with real-time feedback:

Audio Time Analysis – Is proven to be extremely accurate in determining proper operation and identifying specific error conditions.

Screen Pop Testing –  Methodology that turns the tables on usual testing procedures to cost effectively validate CTI and screen pop functionality at the desktop and obtain user experience results.

Results – Secure, online reporting and charting application, provides real-time test results including access to test call recordings, step response times and call durations

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The Benefits of the PSS StressTest Performance & Load Testing

  • Confirming contact center communication technologies perform as expected
  • Observing the customer experience without risking real customer satisfaction
  • Actionable data for pre-production tuning, problem resolution and cutover
  • Reduced issue resolution time and cost
  • Proactive management of cost and risk
  • Control of the test process and schedule to meet your timeline
  • Confidence your system is ready for production
  • Achieve ROI and customer satisfaction objective faster!


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