Contact center quality assurance


How do you manage Contact Center Quality Assurance? Do you Know What Is Impacting Your Customer Experience? 

Business rules, agent training & customer service polices are meaningless if contact center technologies frustrate or mislead customers. Automated, remote testing and monitoring of contact center technologies should be a key element of every company’s customer service experience and cost reduction strategies.

Contact Centers have multiple technologies, systems and allocations running on disparate platforms which can lead to numerous potential ponts of failure which can negatively on customer service.

PSS offers contact center quality assurance products for contact center testing with PSS Stress Test and contact center monitoring with PSS Heartbeat

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Contact Center Monitoring – PSS Heartbeat

  • Contact Center Monitoring gives you confidence your integrated, production contact center technologies are working – 24×7!
  • If something stops working, you and your tech teams know ASAP.
  • By monitoring the access to and integration of your contact center technologies, you have up to the minute information about what your customer’s are really experiencing.
  • The earlier you know, the faster you can resolve problems so customers are not frustrated or misled and mission critical services are not disrupted.


Contact Center Testing is critical to ensure contact center technologies are performing well for those all important customers!

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Contact Center Testing – PSS Stress Test

  • Contact Center Testing lets you know your integrated contact center technologies are working as expected under varying levels of load.
  • Performance issues related to load are detected before customers use your new or recently upgraded technologies.
  • Re-testing gives you confidence the issues are really resolved. When issues are detected and resolved early — while your production and upgrade teams are still on the job —
  • Negative customer impact is decreased if not eliminated and costs are reduced.[/box]

Contact Center Quality Assurance from PSS