Here is an example of how the PSS Help Platform Model works:

There many different flavors of IVR from many different suppliers. Using the PSS Help life cycle model we find a number of important trends for our customers to consider.

With such a vital platform it is important to understand where you are today and what your journey over the next 3 years might look like. Our platform model is designed to help teams to manage the complex discussions around the use of new technologies. As more and more technologies become part of a single belnded customer experience these discussions increase in importance.

PSS Help Platform Model













Our Approach

Our approach provides a consistent methodology for managing platforms and their impact on the overal customer relationship. It provides the structure for the effective managmement of the full lifecycle  (legacy, transition and innovation) across the enterprise.

It is designed to provide a common language between IT and the various business units using specific platforms. This model alows us to speed up deployment processs while ensuring effective delivery that meets the expectation of stakeholders.

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