How to measure and maintain organic, dynamically changing environments with nTelligence SLA management.

Dynamic Testing – A better way

Manually defining tests can be a never-ending task in organizations where the test population changes daily, weekly or hourly. Even when tests are entered, the chances of being both timely and accurate diminish with ever more complex environments. nTelligence can make the difference by automatically creating test lists and carrying out monitoring functions, allowing you to identify problem areas by exception and close the gap in meeting your SLA management requirements.

The nTelligence product suite takes feeds from multiple sources, automatically creates test programs and displays the results on an intuitive custom SLA management dashboard

Many Sources of Truth

A stumbling block for most automated systems in dynamic environments is the fact that when building test lists there are many sources of data to consider, databases, web applications, auto detection and manual interventions. nTelligence’s nSpector probes are able to query multiple data sources, including using an organizations custom web applications to pull lists just as an engineer would. Tests are then assessed and prioritized against intelligent rule-sets, identifying relevant information throughout the life of the test over multiple paths and outcomes at each stage.

Workflow and Demarcation

nTelligence is able to correlate results along an entire
 dynamic process or workflow. Using the nTelligence
graphical capability, your own workflow processes 
can be used as dashboards and annotated with 
statuses for each asset, with contextual drilldowns on stage detail. By using
multiple touch points, teams can quickly find the root
cause of issues and with the built in “data cube” 
analysis identify problem areas over time helping to meet any SLA management measures.

Big Data vs. Intelligent Data

Collecting Terabytes of data for analysis to look for trends and patterns is the central idea behind “Big Data”, but without accurate correlation, normalization and de-duplication analysis is possible, but very time consuming. By using powerful rule-sets, flags and classification it is possible to 
present data quickly and accurately via 
nTelligence’s dashboards in a format 
ready for teams to act upon and meet their SLA management.

Voice Video & Data Services – Active and Passive

nTelligence is application agnostic, with connectors for multiple platforms and services spanning Video, Voice, Data and mobile as well as custom connectors. Data can be gathered by active or passive probes, service agents or feeds from legacy tools. nTelligence brings a co-ordination and visibility to your SLA management