There are numerous multilingual contact centres  but the people charged with building and managing the contact center technology aren’t always used to thinking multilingually, especially when it comes to the agent desktop.

Multilingual Contact Centers: They’re Complicated, no Question

    • Callers (or callees for outbound contact) expect to use their own language, or at least the language they do business in


    • Technology suppliers provide software in a limited number of languages – sometimes only one, sometimes hundreds, but rarely thousands


  • Agents may be monolingual or multilingual and agent preferences for the language displayed on the desktop are complex in their own right

In the absence of compelling business reasons, it is preferable to set up the desktop according to agent preferences. This will allow agents to be maximally efficient, as they will feel comfortable with the desktop and with any back-end interfaces they need to access. This may require setting different language preferences by agent group, or by individual agent, or even setting the language based on the call type (outsourced brand, or caller details). Ideally, the agent desktop should be flexible enough to handle this. The new generation of centralized desktop software, with only a thin client or ultra-thin client at the agent workstation, are much easier to maintain in this case: preferences and settings can be changed in one place, at a global, group or individual level, with no need to save and restore preferences at each seat!

Significant Agent Benefits

The benefits of a comfortable and familiar language interface on the desktop can be significant, increasing agent productivity and satisfaction, as well as reducing the need for ongoing training. This seems obvious for monolingual agents, but I have also seen multilingual agents, in Germany for example, who are perfectly fluent in English conversation but who struggle if they are given a PC with an English interface: they don’t automatically know what “Save” and “Refresh” mean in this context.

Multilingual Contact Centers: How PSS Works With You

As an independent integrator of contact center technologies, PSS is able to provide an objective view of business strategy and cost-benefit analysis of technology change. PSS is motivated by customer service, not by selling upgrades or new technology. We pride ourselves on giving you the best advice for your business. PSS can provide consultancy and implementation services across a range of contact center systems. If you’d like to understand more about multilingual contact centers, why not have a chat with PSS. Our reputation is built on helping customers do what’s best for their business, whether transitioning to new technology or maintaining existing systems.

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