If you’ve been paying any attention to events in Scotland recently, you’ll have noticed two things. Firstly…Self-interest. Both YES voters and NO voters in the recent referendum wanted what was best for THEM. This is human nature of course, and we see it everywhere, both in the business drive for profit, and in the consumer’s desire for “a good cheap cigar”.

Is it Just Pie in the Sky?

Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? Or is this just pie in the sky? Take the Cloud. Who really benefits? Of course there are short-term advantages for consumers services in the Cloud – low initial investment, high scalability, and so on. But in the longer term the Cloud is almost always an expensive option. More importantly. the lock-in factor with Cloud services is significant: very few of these services can be easily ported to a different Cloud provider, and the move from the Cloud to an on-premise solution entails massive capital investment which is beyond the scope of most businesses. So who really benefits most from the Cloud – the consumer, or the provider?

There is a surge of tempting offers from Cloud providers right now – a year or more of services for free – but you know that these are really “buy now pay later” deals, and the price will be high when it finally comes.


The Scottish referendum was characterized by scaremongering, real or imagined, on both sides. This, again, is something we see everywhere. If a tempting offer doesn’t work, fear is the next best tool. Fear of being left behind, fear of becoming obsolete, fear of missing out on a good thing. The Cloud is often sold as an alternative to replacing aging systems, a way of keeping up with technology. But have you considered the alternative of NOT replacing aging systems – of nurturing them instead, maximising their lifespan yourself or through a third party? If someone tells you this can’t be done, is that true, or is it just a scare story motivated by self-interest?

There are times when the Cloud is the right option – short-term or for start-ups, and sometimes even as a long-term enterprise strategy. But don’t be fooled by the scare stories. Consider your options to enhance or prolong the value of your existing solutions. And then consider who really benefits from a Cloud solution, and be sure you are acting in your own interest, not someone else’s.


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