measuring customer experience, SLA Management

nTelligence provides a single version of the truth and a single pane of glass approach to understanding and measuring customer experience as well as reporting on the performance of disparate voice, video and data platforms across the enterprise or cloud.


The nTelligence suite is designed to make it easy to bring together probes, monitoring tools and blend them together with other business and technical metrics to provide:

  • Comprehensive SLA Management
  • Easily customizable reporting of customer journeys and experiences
  • Easily customizable reporting of platform performance information
  • Automation of manual processes


ntelligence is based on an overlay approach using existing infrastrucure and tools rather than having to rip and replace technology in order to provide a much deeper insight into organizational performance. It is the next generation of SLA management tools that help in measuring customer experience, in a world where understanding platform availability simply isn’t enough.

SLA Management

Scalable, robust and easy to configure, the platform combines the ability to build customer experience SLAs while still ensuring traditional platform metrics, which are at the heart of service credits. With SLAs now impacting cost and revenue more and more  significantly the ntelligance low cost deployment model is chalenging traditional approaches an platforms.

Too many spreadsheets – not enough information?

Enabling the easy management and reporting of complex SLAs across multiple platforms, users and environments from one interface. Simple ‘Availability’ SLAs and hand crafted spread sheets are no longer enough in today’s multi-vendor, multi-homed environments. It is essential to manage both your internal services, as well as those provided to you in order to avoid service credits and maintain good customer relationships


As a next gen technology for measuring customer experience ntelligence provides an overlay to existing systems rather than requiring their reconfiguration saving time, money and stress.

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