Genesys products have been developed and fine-tuned for years to deliver across a myriad of business requirements.  They are generally considered to be complex and costly to manage.

Genesys…..Scared to Make Changes?

Many organizations would like to make changes to such functions as call routing, skill groups or CTI, but are reluctant to because of the complexity and the risk associated with changing their Genesys configuration.

PSS Eemaan Solution Overview [1] from PSS is designed to solve complex issues regarding Genesys Configuration.

Eemaan reduces the risk of change, avoids costly errors and the pain of backing out changes that could affect production environments. It cuts the cost and pain of daily provisioning changes, weekly feature changes, and larger project roll-outs.

What Does Eemaan Do?

Eemaan also reduces the complexity and skills required for regular Genesys configuration tasks-provisioning and operational- effectively eliminating the risk to your business. It creates an environment where Genesys administration is tracked, audited and verified, thus making change safer. The product range covers:

  • Provisioning – Drastically simplify the way in which you manage your Genesys environment on a day-to-day basis
  • Audit Trail & Rollback – Track and rollback configuration & permission changes
  • Synchronise – Manage Configuration across multiple Genesys environments such as development, test and production.
  • Import and Export – Save and promote changes between single and multiple environments; Particularly helpful in a multi-tenant environment where new tenants start start with a base configuration.


How PSS Can Help with Your Genesys Configuration: 

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