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More and more organizations with legacy (older than 5 years) IVR platforms struggle to get the right level of support from suppliers. The hardware is aging and the software support is gone. The system may still meet your basic business needs, your callers know the prompts and they are generally satisfied.

Supplier Relationships

Having the support discussion with your legacy ivr suppliers while they are so focused on trying to sell you the next generation of their latest technology is a real challenge.

Rather than less support for more money most organizations find their legacy ivr systems require more support.  This tends to become more extensive as the technical and development focus of your suppliers moves onto newer platforms. Vital staff and resources that were part of the lifecycle of the product you purchased are no longer readily available – No matter how short sighted this may seem.

So if it is a Problem – What’s the Solution?

What's the Solution2 copy

  • PSS sustain what you have in place until you want to move to a next gen solution
  • Not only could feel better about your support but typically cost savings are between 30-40%
  • We have a glowing reputation supporting platforms beyond the manufacturer’s end of life

ProPSS Comprehensive Legacy IVR Support:

  • Support that is 24 x 7 x 365 as standard
  • Support where every case is treated as a Level 1 priority
  • Support where first call response is with a skilled PSS engineer
  • Support that has proactive monitoring – detecting issues before they become problems
  • Support that optimises your system to run at full efficiency
  • Support that Includes 2 x 6 monthly on site preventative visits

In 10 years No One that has come to PSS for support has EVER gone back to the original provider.

How can PSS Help you

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