We know that many proprietary or legacy IVR platform and IVR applications are approaching the end of their supported life. End of life support for Genesys 6.5 is available from PSS.

We can help sustain, extend and enhance the life of legacy platforms.  Let us show you that “End of Life” does not equal “End of Operational Value” . You don’t have to rip out entire systems because they are outdated or seem too complex or too big to remedy.

PSS is unique in being able to expertly provide IVR support for:

  • IVR Platforms – Regardless of the manufacturer
  • IVR Applications – Irrespective of who wrote them


IVR Support – Uptime  

With the aim of the contact center being to resolve the customer issue in one call quickly, any downtime means customers are unable to talk to an agent which drives them to see red!

Get the Absolute Best For Your System – Pro PSS IVR Support

If the IVR platform is no longer supported, the hardware is aging, software support is gone, and if anything goes wrong and happens to interrupt service the likelihood is that your business will be in big trouble. You may want support for Genesys 6.5 or want to utilise some of the newer IVR application features that now exist to improve call handling and deliver a better customer experience.

So what is the solution?  Invest a ton of time and money and take the risk of moving to a new platform? Or let PSS help you?

We have a glowing reputation for supporting existing platforms even if they are beyond the manufacturer’s end of life.

PSS will sustain what you have in place until you want to move to a next gen solution.

When you do, we can help you do it quicker, with less risk and cheaper.

How Can PSS Help?

Let us offer you a FREE ProPSS evaluation where we will expertly assess the performance of your existing IVR solution and pinpoint a strategic path that leads to improving customer satisfaction and the return on investment of the applications and technologies. We can help with support for Genesys 6.5

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