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One of the most successful technologies of the last 10 years has been has been IVR (Interactive Voice Response). IVR has proved to be a cheap and effective way of delivering some elements of self service as well as being the preferred way of routing and queuing customers to agents. For most contact center organisations, IVR has become the 1st line of contact for voice based interactions.

IVR Becomes Part of Blended Experience

However it is not all good news. Research study after research study suggests that IVR is one of the most hated technologies for consumers. We all know the angst of wanting to speak to an actual human being, but instead racking up the phone bill going round in circles.

But is it that simple? Not all IVR is hated. Access to automated services like bank balances have proved as popular as the ATM. So how and when is it best to deploy IVR?

Really the answer is where it makes the customer journey (and yours) ……well, simpler. Over the next few years IVR will become a core element of the blended customer experience. Its capabilities will be used to provide the glue between website, contact center, chat services, mobile apps and a range of other new technologies. Its configuration of applications and network will be very different to current deployments. Exciting innovations such as Visual IVR are already challenging conventional design

IVR Innovation & PSS

How do you know if you need to upgrade your IVR? We should all embrace new advances in IVR but perhaps its not actually the right thing to do for you or your customer base.

PSS is committed to ensuring that our customers have the clearest view of innovation. We sponsor some of the most advanced studies of the impact of innovation in order to differentiate between what is practical and where the line isbetween the leading edge and the bleeding edge. This investment ensures that we are able to offer our customers a real partnership rather than a supplier relationship when it comes to innovation. Our current research suggests that innovation will transform operating costs over the next 3-5 years – to understand more click here

IVR Legacy or Upgrade?

If IVR innovation isn’t for you and you are frustrated with not being able to maintain your current IVR without being pushed into an upgrade then PSS may be able to help you.

Many organizations find that their suppliers are more focused on selling new licenses or upgrades rather than supporting their existing promises. Over the years we have built a succesful business of helping customers facing this kind of attitude from their existing suppliers. This part of our business has a fundamental belief that the quality of service is significantly more important than the number of licenses sold. PSS manages and supports one of the largest ranges of legacy IVR systems with expertise all over the world. If you have a problem “keeping the lights on” click here

What Client’s Say

PSS has been a great IVR solution provider and partner on this project. Thank you for your help in getting the IVR Solaris upgrade completed on time and per the schedule.
Top Ten Software Provider
I am VERY happy thus far with the individuals and PSS. We were able to do our part in getting all the equipment/workspace and items prepared. PSS were able to immediately have excellent conversations with my staff and were very well prepared!
Project Manager, Large Banking Corporation
“I wish all our vendors had the level of support that PSS provides”
IT Manager, Casino in the Northeast
In 7 years of working with PSS, as an IVR solution provider, the only complaint our whole team could come up with was so minor that we have no hesitation with upgrading our platform – including IVR, speech and applications with PSS so that we can continue to be a key partner
A large bank in the midwest
Thank You for your assistance over the last few weeks. We had some potentially nasty problems building up and flying Bryant out to assist us, as well as good quality phone support, helped us get through it. We are now running in a good state. The migration of FTC IVR off MSC6 was another piece of work where PSS assistance was appreciated at short notice.
A major international telecommunications company
Customer Retention

No one has ever gone back to their original provider

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