Genesys ConsultantMany manufacturers focus on the sale, of new  licences or releases. Many are making platforms end of life, removing ivr support or asking for significant investment in new refreshed hardware or software releases.

So if you are frustrated and are:

  • Being pushed into and going to the “next version
  • Being Surprised  by  spiraling maintenance & support costs.
  • Not getting the level of service/interest you once did.
  • Having to consider a complete “fork lift” replacement the business cannot afford.
  • Being told by the vendor, “Upgrading is the only option”, when there are real alternatives from PSS

The New Value of Legacy Systems

Because of the large number  of new challenges facing IT, legacy systems that are stable and well supported have become much more valuable over the last two years. With the impact of a range of new channels and internal innovation such as big data, geo locations, mobile money etc. IT budgets will need to stretch further simply to keep up with consumer led innovation.

This new focus may consume a large amount of budget and this means that any stable system that requires little investment will have an increasing value that goes against traditional metrics on ROI. Extending the life of a useful platform will free up money to invest in money saving innovations such as chat for the call center graphical routing for smart phones and better agent desktop. For those with  compliance issues the requirement to record voice and other new channels will require investment as well.

Research suggests that keeping  a stable platform working for an extra couple of years is an IT strategy that many organisations are currently executing.

High quality management of legacy platforms at a reasonable cost. 

PSS can free you being locked in to multi-vendor long term support contracts that can be expensive and often deliver limited service. Let us show you that “End of Life” does not equal “End of Operational Value”.

We also make sure that new solutions deliver the peak performance they were designed to.

PSS is unique in being able to expertly provide IVR support:

  • IVR Platforms – Regardless of the manufacturer
  • IVR Applications – Irrespective of who wrote them

ProPSS Support Like No Else  – Get the Absolute Best For Your System

ProPSS support


Understand How PSS IVR Support Can help Your Business

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