save money ivr supportAt this time of year the majority of support contracts for IVR get renewed. We are one of the world’s largest specialist support organizations.

We are currently running a promotion – if we take over your support, you will get 13 months for the price of 12.


And we can probably save you 25-30% by replacing your support for your IVR platform, in some cases we have been able to save people 40% as well as delivering a better solution than that provided by existing suppliers.

If you are frustrated by?

  • Always being pushed into going to the “next” version?
  • Constant surprises in routinely being hit by out of scope unbudgeted costs?
  • Spending money on products that do not have mission critical value to the business?
  • Not getting the level of service/interest you once did?

No One using PSS for support has EVER gone back to their original provider

How We Can Help

ProPSS support

There’s never been a better time to talk to us


Questions?  – Our IVR support specialist Mike Denezzo  can show you how we can supply a real alternative.

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