Call center agents are not always customers’ first point of contact. For companies that use an IVR solution, the technology can make or break an interaction. Companies are expected to be responsive to client needs 24/7 so when  poorly monitored IT solutions fail, the impact is significant.


In the worst case the call center might be hard down or if the self-service IVR support fails the agents floor gets flooded with undirected calls causing service levels to be missed leading to customer frustration.

The costs linked with a technical failure cannot be ignored; failing service levels incur penalties, staff work overtime to resolve problems, often beyond their shift bringing inefficiency and morale issues. Not least of all the potential of loss of dissatisfied customers.

When a system component failure occurs, technical staff often go the area they know best, or to what has been done most recently in an effort to fix the problem. This is not only time consuming, but they often don’t trace back to detect the real symptoms that led to the failure.

If there were a series of chronological alarms deployed across the entire system, it would allow you to determine the original point of failure and reduce the (MTTR) mean time to repair.

With a monitoring solution the situation is narrowed down to the specific issues and information contained to the relevant department. Sometimes if the issue is detected in advance the details will only be shared once the problem has been resolved.

Monitoring your IVR technology not only allows you to resolve problems but highlights trends and raises alerts ahead of any impact. Monitoring your traffic allows you to understand when you have exceeded capacity in peak periods and look at when you risk over capacity.

Also it highlights server over-capacity for an extended period of time, enabling redesign around a system or product before it impacts or crashes.

It may also highlight where you may be paying to support items covered in an initial contract that are no longer used today.

PSS provide end to end monitoring solutions using heartbeat monitoring. Our support contracts provide solution monitoring or repair across all vendors. We take ownership of the problem until its successful resolution.

PSS can re-scope a support contract so that you only pay for what you need and want to cover today.

With a single dashboard to monitor the process could not be easier.

Your team monitors the dashboard with our help evaluating data at a regular review meeting, or we provide you the solution as a managed service, removing the worry and allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

In either case we provide you with definitive proof so that you can approach vendors and partners with confidence about the problem. It removes the inevitable bout of finger pointing regarding the cause of the problem and saves an enormous amount of time gathering the seemingly endless logs to be scrutinized.

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