Is your support price going up? Is your provider just not interested in your business anymore?  Don’t just renew your IVR support contract without reviewing the alternatives, it will be costing you money. Being told end of life does not mean end of value. There is an alternative ……..Design the support and maintenance you need to save time and money. 

Are you frustrated by?

  • Always being pushed into going to the “next version?
  • Constant surprises in routinely being hit by out of scope unbudgeted costs?
  • Spending money on products that do not have mission critical value to the business?
  • Not getting the level of service/interest you once did?

Unlike many other vendors, PSS occupies a unique position in providing IVR support for both platform and applications throughout the enterprise, regardless of the manufacturer.

We can provide IVR support for a variety of providers:

  • Nortel Support
  • Periphonics Support
  • Avaya Support
  • Genesys Support
  • Aspect Support
  • Convergys Support

PSS not only helps you fix the contracted problems, but take responsibly to resolve any interfaced solutions, such as Web Services/CTI/PBX.

ProPSS Support Provides:

  • Support that has FlexxView proactive monitoring – optimising your system to run at full efficiency and detecting any issues before they become problems
  • Support that Includes 2 x 6 monthly on site preventative visits
  • Support that is 24x7x365 as standard
  • Support where every case is treated as a Level 1 priority
  • Support where first call response is with a skilled PSS engineer

Design the IVR support and maintenance you need and save time and money.

In 10 years of providing this service on one that has ever come to PSS has gone back to their original provider.

Take a look at the ProPSS support offer here or read the recently published white paper My IVR is end of life now what?”