With Product Support Solutions New Professional Services Practice Application Centre™ Provides Rapid IVR Application Development Process for Converting Proprietary IVR Applications to Open, Standards-Based IVR Applications

PSS  have enhanced the internal ivr application development conversion tools, automating their internal processes and methodologies to create Application Centre™. The enhancement was bred from the company’s previous successes converting numerous proprietary IVR applications as well as from PSS’ expertise in contact center voice applications within proprietary IVR application developemnt environments such as Nortel’s Peri-Producer and Intervoice’s InVision.

PSS has focused on making it easier for businesses to transition from old to new contact center technologies, products like FlexxBridge™ and FlexxGate™ resulted from the need for customers to make legacy technologies work efficiently with next-gen technologies. The number one reason enterprises put off the move to open, standards-based IVR is the cost of the application conversion.

Application Centre™ can reduce that cost by as much as 50%, significantly improving the ROI. The professional services team has been using the components of Application Centre™ for years, helping companies such as US Airways, Telstra and Sempra Energy transition to next gen IVR solutions.”

Application Centre™ includes proven best practices, automated conversion routines, and automated test case creation, allowing PSS to rapidly convert legacy IVR applications to VoiceXML. Application Centre™ also helps developers prototype and deploy new next gen IVR applications quicker, thus reducing the risk and cost of building solutions from scratch. Application Centre™ is dependent upon PSS’ Application Platform™ which provides reusable libraries that facilitate typical IVR functions such as call transfers, call detail record collections, debug logging, and so on.

In addition, Application Centre™ has the ability to leave “no stone unturned” in converting the existing IVR application. Often when transitioning from a legacy IVR application to a next-gen IVR application development there are hidden menus, containers, etc, that aren’t documented or known by the existing customer’s IVR team. Application Centre™ uncovers all portions of the existing application, greatly reducing delays and unbudgeted change requests.

A Fortune 500 financial services enterprise reported that this cost to convert their legacy IVR applications to next-gen VoiceXML was half of what they had budgeted based on estimates from other professional services organizations.