IVR application development is a real challenge. It’s not simple as it sounds. Rip and replace is not an option for many organisations it is expensive and hard to present a real ROI benefit. Many applications written in legacy and proprietary development languages necessitate the complete re-writing of the application.

In many cases the investment in the application has been a key factor in the inertia to change because it involves retraining the existing developers as well as a significant capital investment.

Cost, Risk and Time

It is not just the challenge of the additional costs for implementing this it is the risk and potential disruption to the business that can frighten business from making the transition to next gen solutions 


Providing the customer with the opportunity to choose when they migrate from old to new and how quickly that occurs. Providing customers with the choice of what to convert and when. IVR Application Development that reduces the time and cost of transition and minimising risk of simple RIP & Replace.

This allows you to enjoy:

  • The power of open standards with intelligent IVR application development and management software
  • Enhanced call control, platform management, speech integration and reporting services
  • Comprehensive database integration and customization capabilities to explore complex customer segmentation strategies
  • Ease of installation, configuration, and IVR service creation

 PSS Solution

It’s about a philosophy, Intelligent Transition reducing cost, risk and time

The PSS inTelligent™ Integration Process enables new and older technologies to integrate and work along side each other during transitions with significant benefits:

IVR application development Time SavingTime Saving: FAST IVR application development and deployment of components state by state rather than waiting for a total rewrite.



Ivr application development Cost ReductionCost Reduction:  No “Rip & Replace” of dated systems. We gradually transition elements and components of the application addressing key priorities.



IVR appication development Reducing RiskReducing Risk:  The deRisk™ process supports business as usual.  Avoid risks associated with a “Big Bang” cutover transition.  Tags and integration points between platforms and IVR application enables a “work along side” structure of old and new during transition.


ROI RealizationROI Realization  of the IVR application development is much sooner due to agile approach where newer technologies can be used earlier rather than waiting until the whole conversion process is complete and launching in a waterfall style