Does your business have the skills it needs to continue to succeed in 18 months? It’s a question that senior executives ask themselves continually – and make plans accordingly. They can see down the tracks to the contact center skills crisis and there should be a helpful ‘buffer’ of time to get prepared and train or hire the right people. But what happens when there’s no buffer at all?

That’s the scenario now facing companies with their own contact centers.

It’s come about through a perfect storm:

A) Consumers with rocketing expectations about the customer experience they deserve

B) New technology that can integrate voice calls, emails, web chat, social media and apps into a 24/7 unified experience – which many consumers now expect

C) Vast quantities of expensive legacy call center systems with no-one really sure how to maintain, optimise and integrate them effectively

D) A serious shortage of in-house IT professionals who can manage (C) while integrating and delivering (B) to please (A).

Currently, the most pressing issue is (D). The complexity and skill levels now required from call center IT specialists, for instance, would be extremely hard for any middle-sized company (and some major ones) to hire, retain and continually re-train people in-house. Even if they did, having the full breadth of skills – from BAU activities and trouble-shooting, to migration know-how and innovation skills, would be virtually impossible to assemble within a single team.

Contact Center Skills Crisis: What’s the Answer?

A new e-guide from PSS Help explores the issues in depth and is well worth a read. It highlights six areas within call centers where problems caused by skills shortages are most acute, triggering soaring costs and lost revenues. But it also reveals 10 ways to solve problems with the right kind of support.

The Resources Guide is a must-read for any companies who realize that future revenues hinge on satisfying their customers, but who want to avoid racking up huge costs from quick-fix contractors, or locking themselves into vague outsourcing deals.

At last, there is a clear and cost-effective way out of the contact center skills crisis.

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PSS Contact Center Resources guide

A new resources guide from PSS