genesys simplification, EemaanEemaan offers a suite of software products, which simplify and improve management of Genesys operations for IT departments. These products enhance the operational ability and de risk Genesys Configuration, Management, Provisioning and Troubleshooting.

The suite of Genesys simplification products have been honed and fine-tuned for years to deliver across the myriad of business requirements focusing on the customer to business interaction. As business and interaction focused tools they are considered by many as complex and costly to manage. In response to customer needs for more flexible and easier to use tools with more attrctive pricing models, PSS has a Genesys simplification solution in Eemaan.

The Value of Eemaan

Eemaan can add great value by reducing the complexity, skills, and risk to your business involved in regular provisioning and operational tasks. Eemaan creates an environment where Genesys simplification of administration is tracked, audited and verified, thus making change safer. Individual Eemaan products cover:

  • Configuration Imports – The flexible way to make mass configuration changes in Genesys.
  • Configurations Exports – The fast and flexible way to export configuration data from Genesys.
  • Synchronisation -Synchronise your multiple Genesys configuration environments.
  • Provisioning – Unique process driven approach to managing your Genesys contact center. 
  • Rollback – Rollback unwanted changes made in Genesys with a single click of the mouse.
  • Audit Trail – Leading change management solution (CMS) product for Genesys.

Eemaan reduces the risk of change, avoids costly errors and the pain of backing out changes that could affect production environments. Cut the cost and pain of daily provisioning changes, weekly feature changes, and larger project roll-outs.  One of the additional benefits of the Eemaan solution is the reduced compleixity makes it easier and faster to respond to changing conditions. This has a direct impact on your ability to mange costs as it reduces your response time to implementing tactical changes. Get the benefits of Genesys simplification for administration with Eemaan.

PSS Help’s Capabilities 

Move from reactive to proactive with your transition to new technologies in the contact center with Eemaan and the larger PSS suite of products,

At PSS we have consistently solved issues for users of the Genesys product suite. Where enhancements, fixes are needed and support issues arise that Genesys are unable to resolve, we are the first port of call. Where organizations are looking for a more responsive or cost effective solution we are also one of the leading solution providers. We’ve deployed the full range of Genesys products across many contact centres both small and large. Whether you are seeking to optimize your Genesys instaltation or a simply forced to paper over the cracks beause of budgetary constraints our experts can guide in the art of the possible.

PSS can be your development partner. Get our Genesys Capabilities Guide here.

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