genesys change management, EemaanEemaan is a leading innovative Genesys change management software product and service. With a  a suite of products, which simplify and improve management of Genesys operations for IT departments. These products enhance the operational ability and de risk Genesys Configuration, Management, Provisioning and Troubleshooting. Eemaan was the first software Audit Trail product for Genesys and the first automated Genesys environment synchronisation application.

Below is the series of Eemaan products available from PSS. For more information on the suite of products there is a downloadable overview and data sheet for each one.


The flexible way to make mass configuration changes in Genesys.

import eemaan image





The fast and flexible way to export configuration data from Genesys.

export eemaan image




Audit Trail

Leading change management solution (CMS) product for Genesys

audit trail eemaan image





Synchronise your multiple Genesys configuration environments.

Sync image eemaan





Rollback unwanted changes made in Genesys with a single click of the mouse.

rollback image eemaan




Provisioning Manager

Unique process-driven approach to managing your genesys contact centre.

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