It’s Monday morning, 7:45 a.m. and the contact center is 15 minutes from opening. Your desk phone, mobile, and email simultaneously light up with panicked reports that agents aren’t able to log in. Something changed since Friday night, something bad, and you’ve no idea where to start, let alone how to fix it.

Genesys Change Management:If I could only track and AUDIT changes

If you had Eemaan Audit Trail running in your contact centre, you could identify within minutes what changed, when it changed, and who made the change. With a click, you could restore the platform to the last good working state from Friday night. So by 7:59, all of the agents are logged in, the contact center opens, and business continues.

Eemaan Audit Trail from PSS

Is a small, fast and feature rich Genesys Change Management Solution (CMS). It monitors and tracks activity within the Genesys platform. There is no other product on the market, which can compete with all of the features and functionality of Audit Trail.

Practical Uses

  • Detailed fault diagnostics for technical trouble-shooting and system recovery
  • Proactive fault finding & notification through Emails, SMS and other external processes
  • Tracking unauthorised changes with complete details, the user who made the change, and where the change was made from
  • Track agent’s skill progress over time for agent evaluations.
  • Comprehensive auditing of Genesys as part of a Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirement.
  • Monitoring your usage of Genesys licenses.


  • FAST – Captures configuration changes in real-time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Near-zero load on Genesys.
  • SECURE – No access to underlying Genesys databases.
  • DATA-SAFE – Read-only access to Genesys Configuration.
  • OPEN SCHEMA – Published schema for Audit Trail database.
  • A PLATFORM – Audit Trail API allows easy expansion.
  • ALARMS – Alarms activated on critical changes.
  • FUTURE-PROOF – Supports all Genesys versions.
  • COVERAGE – 100% Coverage of CME Objects.
  • STEALTH – Operates silently in the background.


  • Get 100% coverage of your Genesys Configuration layer.
  • Know exactly WHAT was changed and WHEN within the Genesys Configuration layer.
  • Find out WHO made the change.
  • Find the IP Address and Application WHERE the change was made from.
  • See both the NEW and the OLD values for settings, which have changed.
  • Send out SMS or Emails alerts in real-time when critical changes are made.
  • Raise alarms when critical changes are made.
  • Find and diagnose faults quickly -> reducing system downtime.
  • Eliminate need for expert technical resources to manually parse log files
    or search databases to find problems.
  • Send daily summary emails.
  • Calculate how many Genesys licenses you actually need in your day-to-day operation

How PSS can help

PSS has seen Eemaan AUDIT TRAIL help to reduce labour costs involved in maintenance of a Genesys environment by up to 20%. With this Genesys Change Management tool,  most problems can now be fixed by 1st Tier Technical Support Engineers, and in a shorter period of time.

We’ve consistently solved customer issues utilizing the Genesys product suite. We’ve deployed the full range of Genesys products across many contact centres large and small. We’re experts at solving customer problems, reducing costs & creating great caller satisfaction.

If you have a problem with any part of your Genesys Change Management environment contact us for a chat:

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